Philippine Psychologists in Supreme Court Forum on Extrajudicial Killings

A delegation of social psychologists and graduate students from the Ateneo de Manila University was invited by Chief Justice Reynato Puno to the Supreme Court’s Summit on Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances held at the Manila Hotel last July 16 and 17.  The Summit was attended by representatives from the government — the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and the Commission on Human Rights. Representatives from different sectors were also present like the media, academe, and the civil society, including relatives those people who are still missing.


At the plenary session on the first day of the Summit, peace/political psychologist  Cristina J. Montiel, Ph.D. presented her paper on “The Social Fabric of Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances.”  It provided the body with the on-going perceptions in Philippine society with regard to the killings, such as the existing notions on the characteristic of the killer and the victim and the motivation behind the killings.


Last 1 March 2007, the Supreme Court issued an Administrative Order entitled “Designation of Special Courts to Hear, Try and Decide Cases involving Killings of Political Activists and Members of Media”.  The Summit aimed to further search for wholistic solutions and to provide more inputs to the Supreme Court as they address the problem of political killings.


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