Psychology Bill Update

March 3, 2009

Dear colleagues,

I just like to give you an update on what has been happening on the Psych Bill forefront:

The PAP core group composed of Drs. Allan Bernardo, Lucy Bance, Lota Teh, Isabel Melgar, Caridad Tarroja and I have gone through the Technical Working Group meeting with the House of Representatives last February 12. In that meeting, allied professionals from the medical sector, guidance counselors, social workers and other psychologists like former PAP president, Dr. Imelda Villar, and PAP board member, Dr. Chit Salonga, came to meet, discuss and agree on a final version of the bill. The TWG version of the Psych Bill was emailed to us last night and this is the version which will be transmitted to the Senate.

Last February 26, Drs. Isabel Melgar, Caring Tarroja and I through the help of psychologists, Ms. Lala Balajadia-Alcala, lobbied the bill at the senate. The group met the staff of Sen. Trillanes, Mr. Joey Tunac and Atty. Mara. We learned that because of Sen. Trillanes present situation, Sen. Lacson was requested to take over civil service commission matters, which included the Psych Bill. Meanwhile, we will be meeting Sen. Lacson tomorrow to lobby and hopefully, expedite the passage of the bill.

Finally, the Psych bill has to pass committee in both houses. Usually, if the bill is approved on the third reading at the House and has no amendments, it will be transmitted to the Senate. If there are no further amendments, the Senate enrolls the bill and is transmitted to the Office of the President.

I’ll keep you updated about other developments soon.


J. Enrique G. Saplala

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