Call for Nomination: Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao Award for Teaching (2009)

The Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) is pleased to announce its call for nomination for the Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao Award for Teaching for 2009.

The Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao Award for Teaching is an award for outstanding teaching in any field of psychology. This award is given to an individual who embodies the ideals of Fr. Bulatao as a teacher. The recipient of this award is one who, like Fr. Bulatao, instills in students a genuine love for learning by inspiring them to explore, experience, and experiment.

Nomination Criteria:

     The nominee must be a psychology teacher who:

         1.  has been teaching psychology subjects for the past 3 years (for a full-

              time faculty) and past 5 years (for a part-time faculty)

         2.  is a PAP member

         3.  preferably has at least an MA/MS degree in Psychology

Nomination Process:

A. The nomination may be submitted by the Chairperson of the home department of the nominee, or by any other school administrator, or by colleagues.

    The nominator will submit a brief letter addressed to the Chair of the Award

    Committee which includes the following:

        1.  complete name  of the nominee

        2.  name and complete address of the nominee’s school

        3.  contact no. and e-mail address of the nominator

        4.  reasons why the nominee deserves to win the Award

B. The nominator, in cooperation with the nominee, must submit the following:

     1.  nominee’s current CV which includes his/her detailed teaching history

     2.  evidence of the nominee’s ability to inspire students to explore, experience, and experiment, such as course evaluation, written testimony of peer, and testimony of students (current or past) 

     3. an essay by the nominee on My Teaching Philosophy (maximum of 500 words)

     4. a 15-minute video clip of actual teaching by the nominee


Selection Process and Administration of the Award:

The PAP will constitute an Award Committee that will include senior members of the PAP who are not nominees for the Award. The finalists will be invited for a panel interview. The recipient of the Award will be notified through a letter by the Award Committee Chair. The Award will be given during the Annual Convention of the PAP in Dumaguete City in August 2009.

Deadline for Submission: June 25, 2009

Please submit both hard and soft copies of all the required materials (please refer to the Nomination Process above) using the following address:

     The Award Committee

     Room 210, Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC)Building

     Commonwealth Avenue

     Diliman, Quezon City

For any questions about the Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao Award for Teaching, please contact Dr. Lota A. Teh at lateh@ateneo. edu.

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