President’s Report 2009

by J. EnJay Saplalarique G. Saplala

1. Certification of Psychology Specialists

  • In recognition of their contribution to the field of psychology, all former presidents were certified psychology specialists in their respective fields.
  • Former PAP presidents were invited to assess applicants who applied for certification.
  • Immediate past president, Dr. Allan Bernardo was appointed by the board to be the chair of the certification committee. He sat with the appointed former presidents who acted as assessors for the PAP certification.
  • He was also tasked to formulate and create a mechanism to recognize the psychologist’s competencies, specifically the continuing professional education. This includes defining guidelines and procedures for PAP to decide which workshops and organizations will be recognized by the organization and creating a point system for the CPE for those renewing their initial certification. The mechanism would be used by future assessors in reviewing the
    applicant’s documented CPE. Dr. Regina Hechanova was appointed as his co chairperson.
  • The first list of certified psychology specialists was released during the last week of July.
  • 2. Code of Ethics

    • The Board of Directors appointed Dr. Allan Bernardo, chair of the professional and scientific ethics committee, to head the task force in compliance with the PAP charter. The board also appointed the following as members of the committee: Dr. Lourdes Carandang, Dr. Natividad Dayan, Dr. Rosalito De Guzman and Ms. Anna Guerrero. The Task Force on the Code of Ethics was convened last February 27, 2009 at Cravings Katipunan Avenue, QC.
    • The Code of Ethics was ratified by the board on July 17, 2009. Copies of the code will be posted in our website soon.

    3. Psychology Bill

    • The Psychology Bill Task Force Committee task force composed of Drs. Lucy Bance, Lota Teh, Allan Bernardo, Caring Tarroja, J. Enrique Saplala and Isabel Melgar were invited to be part of the Technical Working Group (TWG)to review and finalize the Psychology Bill last December 3, 2008 at the House. There was a follow up meeting on the bill on the months of January and February 2009 and the bill was approved by the Lower House on June 9, 2009.
    • We are awaiting the second and final reading of the bill before it is submitted to the office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines for approval. Update: The second hearing would be held on August 24, 1:00 p.m. at the Senate. Senator Panfilo Lacson is sponsoring the bill.

    4. Continuing Professional Education

    • Two CPEs were held during the year: Jumpstarting your Research with Dr. Allan Bernardo and Integrating Gestalt –Competence into personal ID and professional profile with Dr. Hans Lenhard. One workshop on Performance Management Systems from the I/O Division will be held on September 19, Caritas Hall, Miriam College. The Clinical Psychology division will offer one workshop with Dr. Roger Davis this October at the PSSC. More workshops summer 2009 will also be offered by the clinical and counseling psychology division. Other CPEs will be discussed during the division meetings and the upcoming strategic planning.

    5. Communication

    • We have upgraded our website,, and requested psychologist, AJ SAGMIT, to be the webmaster. Our website is also registered with the International Union of Psychologists’ directory.
    • Our electronic newsletter is updated regularly by Mr. MARSHALL VALENCIA, our external relations officer. You are welcome to contribute articles to the newsletter.

    6. PAPJA

    • We had our PAPJA at De La Salle University last November 2008. The event was attended by close to 1,600+ students from different parts of the country. Based on the suggestions made during the PAPJA 2008 focus group discussion, a job fair and workshops related to careers in psychology were conducted. Speakers from the different fields in psychology were also invited to conduct workshops in psychology.

    7. Membership in IUPsy

    We have also reactivated our membership with the International Union of Psychologists last September 2009. The PAP appointed Dr. Allan Bernardo, a regular member of the IUPSY to represent PAP.

    8. PAP Research Survey – being undertaken by Dr. Allan Bernardo. Details will be posted soon.

    9. Response to disaster prone areas ‐ Ms. Suzette Agcaoili is presently inviting interested volunteer psychologists to be part of the core group of volunteers to give appropriate therapeuticinterventions for survivors or victims of natural or man‐made calamities.

    10. Forensic psychology meeting –An interest group for psychologists practicing in a forensic setting was formed. Two meetings for psychologists working in a forensic setting were held this year: May 18 at Miriam College and August 12, 2008 at Café Antonio, Dumaguete City. Elected as overall chairperson is Dr. Naty Dayan. Dr. Jay Saplala serves as her assistant. Point persons were also elected to represent Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

     Addendum: PJP – two PJP journals were released: June 2008 and December 2008. The June 2009 and December 2009 issues would come out soon.

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